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DIY CNC Mill G0704
MakerGear M2 3d printer

I spend a lot of time in my workshop.  I spent a lot of time planning the layout and tools as I do not have much room to spare and I want to maximize every square inch. I may even have 3d modeled my workshop in CAD to plan where I was going to put everything.


The work I do is varied from 3d printing, CNC machining, electronics, automotive, metal fabrication and welding to repairing my son's toys. I wanted the space to be versatile.  I think I have achieved that, in fact my garage was a runner up in the Classic Motorsports magazine garage contest for "Best Small Garage"  

From time to time I plan on sharing my tips and tricks on how I have maximized my space for maximum productivity.

Below is a list of my favorite tools.  If a tools is listed I would buy it again if I ever needed to.  


Here are the tools I use and recommend.
3d Printer: MakerGear M2 

Isopropanol Liquid Dispenser Pump Bottle- great for storing isopropanol safely for cleaning your 3d printer bed PEI sheet
Build Tak Spatula- My favorite tool for removing 3d printed parts from the printer
Rechargeable Desiccant - perfect for storing  your 3d printer filaments and keeping them dry
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